Fortepan Iowa: #TuesdayTalk with Bettina Fabos & Isaac Campbell

November 3, 2020 (All day)

Fortepan Iowa websiteBettina Fabos, professor of interactive digital studies, and Isaac Campbell, graduate assistant in the Department of Communication and Media, will join UNIAA President Leslie Prideaux to discuss Fortepan Iowa, a new, community-focused way to think about archiving, photographs and public memory. Fortepan Iowa works to capture history from the ground up, organize and immediately contextualize the high-resolution photos on an easily searchable timeline, and directly connect to community members who exhilarate in the tagging and description capabilities of the interface.

The #TuesdayTalk series feature UNIAA President Leslie Prideaux and guests from the UNI family to talk about work or research happening at the university and important issues facing members of the UNI community. This video will be released Nov. 3. Find this video and more on the UNI Alumni Association's Facebook page.