WEBINAR: Be Bad First: Get Good at Things Fast to Stay Ready for the Future

April 18, 2018 - 7:00pm

Focus: Leadership MidWestOne Bank Logo
Series: CareerSkills
Presenter: Erika Andersen

We are operating in a world defined by constant connection, rapid change, and abundant choices.

News that once took months, even years, to spread now reaches across the globe in seconds. Advances in medicine and science are pushing boundaries with gene therapy and stem cell transplants.

And decisions about where and how to work and live are nearly endless!

As new knowledge-- and the possibilities that arise from that knowledge ---propels us forward, Erika suggests that success in today's world requires the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills quickly and continuously, in spite of our mixed feelings about being a novice.

Erika will help you explore how you can become masters of mastery; proficient in the kind of high-payoff learning that's needed today. She will share assessments and exercises that will help you understand how to be bad on the way to being great, while at the same time continue to be novices over and over again as we seek to learn and acquire the new skills that will allow us to thrive in this fast-changing world.

Join Erika to learn the foundations of being bad and how you can strengthen your company culture and advance your career by thinking about being bad on the way to being great!

This webinar is sponsored by MidWestOne Bank.

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