WEBINAR: Control Your Retirement Destiny: How to Achieve Financial Security

March 28, 2018 - 7:00pm

Dana Anspach PhotoFocus: Retirement
Series: CareerEncores
Presenter: Dana Anspach

People in their fifties start to wonder: When should I retire?

Once I do, when should I take Social Security? Do I need to buy an annuity to make sure I have enough money to last my whole life? Should I move everything into "safe" investments? In short, what do I need to do now to ensure a comfortable retirement? 

Dana will share practical how-to knowledge on what you need to do to get your finances in order to prepare for a transition out of the workforce. 

Retirement expert Dana Anspach will help you understand how one decision affects another, and how to focus on the things you can control (like managing taxes and risk) rather than on those you can't control (such as inflation or investment returns). When you put it all together in a plan that works for you, you'll have more choices and a greater sense of security about the financial decisions you are making.MidWestOne Bank Logo

You will walk away with a better understanding of:
The major topics in retirement planning - investments, Social Security, annuities, taxes, healthcare, part-time work, and more
How planning decisions can result in a more secure outcome when they are coordinated
How to coordinate partners retirement incomes to maximize benefits - Shows how to create a plan to enable the life you'd like to live after ending full-time employment
How to work with advisors (and how to find the best ones) if you'd rather not plan your own finances 
If you are nearing retirement, or recently entered retirement, this online presentation and discussion will enable you to take charge of your financial future right now to ensure a happy, secure retirement.

This webinar is sponsored by MidWestOne Bank.

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