WEBINAR: HIRED! IN 2017: Let's Make Your Job Great Again! The Work Happiness Expert

December 13, 2017 - 7:00pm

Focus: Job Search
Series: CareerDiscussions
Presenter: Jody MillerJody Miller Photo

Companies today are taking so much more into account when hiring new staff. They are looking at 'technical skills,' 'cultural fit,' 'emotional intelligence,' 'drive' and the ability to listen, contribute and act. They know happy employees increase productivity and profitability.

But despite all good efforts, things happen that are out of a company or managers control and end up grossly affecting morale. Do any of these statements sound familiar to your situation?

Your company may be merging with another firm which leads to redundancy and reduction in workforce overlap
A new management team has been brought on board, and they are bringing their own people
You are finding the youngest generation so smart that they are replacing two multi-tenure workers for a lot less
You may not be as flexible as you need to be in a global, virtual corporate world
You are at odds with management or people you have to work with on a day to day basis
Jody will give you a step by step process to gain a better understanding of how these and other situations are affecting your performance, happiness, and advancement potential and give then give you important questions you must ask yourself in order to determine your best course of action.

MidWestOne Bank Logo The results may not be to suggest that you leave your current company-- but perhaps use these situations to see how you can help the company advance its immediate goals --while at the same time show management how they can they can get what they want by giving you what you want. Join Jody’s presentation to increase your productivity by increasing your job happiness!

This webinar is sponsored by MidWestOne Bank.

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