WEBINAR: The Warrior, the Strategist and You

March 21, 2018 - 7:00pm

Focus: Leadership
Series: CareerSkills MidWestOne Bank Logo
Presenter: Floyd Woodrow

The Warrior, the Strategist and You: How to Find Your Purpose and Realise Your Potential

Floyd Woodrow is a warrior and a strategist.

Having served in the SAS for more than 20 years, Floyd Woodrow has achieved at the very highest levels. Inspiring his men in the most demanding of situations, he drove his team to success. As a result, he was awarded the UK’s second-highest award for gallantry, the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

You have a unique opportunity to join Floyd to learn how to unlock the warrior and strategist within you. Through invaluable lessons drawing on Floyd’s own experience, you will learn to harness your discipline and ability to fight for what you believe (the Warrior) while developing the analytical mindset to plan, deliver and communicate the important milestones in line with your objectives (the Strategist).

This is a philosophy for business, for battle, for sports, and for everyone who wants to realize their potential and be the very best that they can be. Floyd will help you to understand your motivations and overcome your fears, to plan your goals clearly, and to accomplish that plan boldly and successfully, mentally overcoming life’s greatest obstacles.

Join Floyd to make your job fun again by adopting a new set of rules and responses that provide you greater control and influence.

This webinar is sponsored by MidWestOne Bank.

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