Love For Biking Becomes Career For UNI Alum

During his time as a UNI student, Brent Johnson grew to love biking. The 2002 alum rode to class every day for 2.5 years, no matter the weather. While a student, he took a job at a bike shop to learn how he could fix his bike and be a better commuter. After working a few years within his major (industrial technology), Brent purchased Bike Tech, a cycling store located downtown Cedar Falls.

“I get to experience the excitement of people young and old as they are introduced, or reintroduced, into biking. We give them the knowledge they need to select the correct products so that they can achieve their cycling goals, however small or large.”

Bike Tech has been ranked as one of America's best bike shops in 2014 and 2015 by the National Bicycle Dealer’s Association. The shop has grown substantially over the last 10 years, including moving to a nationally registered historic post office and tripling their space. The renovation and remodeling process of the nearly century-old building was a unique community project and has won various awards. RAGBRAI riders who find themselves in need of bike repair this week can find Brent along the route, offering repair services on the road. Each year Brent spends the week working alongside fellow UNI alum Tyler Duit, owner of Spoken Wheel Cyclery.

“I’m able to catch up with friends from other bicycle retailers and in the industry as well as occasionally bump into a former friend from high school or UNI. You never know who you might see when you look up from your repair stand.”


Brent Johnson