About STAT

STAT Mission Statement: STAT-Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow, University of Northern Iowa Alumni Association

Provide opportunities for students that enhance the overall culture and spirit of the University of Northern Iowa.  These opportunities will encourage lifelong ties to the institution's alumni, cultural, academic, and athletic communities.

UNI STAT was designed to help students get to know their university and the surrounding community. As such, our benefits package includes discounts and special offers at various local businesses. As a member of STAT, you will pay a membership fee of $35 ($30 in spring) and receive a membership key fob entitling you to these discounts and special offers!

History of the Program

In 1996, the University of Northern Iowa Alumni Association created the student organization known as UNI STAT (Students Today Alumni Tomorrow). Originally STAT was designed to mirror the Alumni Association memberships. It was designed to educate current students about the Alumni Association and transition them into paying dues for an AA membership after graduation. The program also encourages students to utilize local businesses, all while saving money on products and services. Recently, the organization has added several new components to the program: community service, traditions, student philanthropy, and the promotion of attendance at Panther Athletics.

In our first year, more than 350 students took advantage of the valuable benefits package we offered. Since then, the program has grown immensely, with more discounts and special events throughout the year.

Participation in the program continues to grow each year, and our membership exceeded 2,300 students this previous year.


How can I be a student and an alumnus at the same time?
All STAT members are students. Whether you're a new freshman, a current student, a transfer student, or a graduate student, you are all encouraged to join STAT! Alumni are not allowed to join, unless returning for a post-graduate degree, because STAT is designed specifically for students currently enrolled at UNI. Our goal is to give students a preview of what it means to be a member of the UNI Alumni Association once they have graduated.

What is the purpose of UNI STAT?
STAT was created by the UNI Alumni Association to offer students benefits that are similar to the Alumni Association's benefits while they're still in school and encourage them to be an active member of this university, both on campus and in the surrounding community. Our members will leave UNI with knowledge of the services their Alumni Association can provide.

Why should I join?

STAT offers each of its members a benefits package that contains a membership shirt, two official game day shirts, an official game day hat, a water bottle, a decal, coupons, and a key fob with access to valuable discounts at numerous area businesses across the Cedar Valley. STAT does not hold meetings, but we do host members-only events and promotions. We’ll notify you via our website and e-mail when a special event or offer is being extended.
What does it cost to join?
The cost for one academic year of membership is $35. Your membership is valid from the first day of classes until May 31st of the following year. We accept cash, checks (payable to UNI AA), credit/debit cards, or you may charge your dues to your U-Bill.

How do I join?

Join online. Call our office at 273-7831. Stop by our office at Commons 304 (3rd floor of the Commons). Mail your dues payment to STAT, 304 Commons, Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0284.

Does STAT offer any unique opportunities?
In addition to exclusive STAT-member-only events, the UNI Alumni Association will expose students to additional benefits. This include exclusive student groups, our traditions program, and our mascot program. Interested in learning more? Follow the links below!