The UNI Traditions Challenge Book

Are you asking yourself "what is it?" Well, think of it this way: Visualize something you consider your passion, whether it's a sports team, an activity, a hobby, etc. Then think about all of those good memories you have surrounding your passion… and there it is! The Traditions Challenge book lets you gather UNI's great feelings into one scrapbook. Not only does the Traditions Challenge book serve as priceless memorabilia, but it also provides all Panthers with great knowledge of the campus, our traditions and the spirit of UNI. This lethal combination lays out an excellent blueprint for your college experience. Use it wisely!

The University of Northern Iowa has been around since 1876 and we have quite the history. Scattered throughout the book are some fun tidbits about UNI's past and how we have changed throughout the years. Many of the "lost traditions" are extremely interesting. For example, did you know that UNI used to have a pond? Even back in the day, there were many activities to participate in…sometimes, it seems like we celebrated anything and everything! SUNI days—a week-long party— celebrated the spring season. Taking a look at our past reinforces our current traditions, as well as conjures up new ones.

This is where you come in! We can't be everywhere you and your friends will be, so we have a proposal: Take photos of yourself participating in the traditions and we'll make sure that you're recognized at your Commencement!  As an alumnus, the Traditions Challenge book will serve as a personal yearbook from your college experiences!

If you haven't received your FREE copy of the Traditions Book please stop by the 304 Commons, just above 23rd Street Market. 

To check in your traditions book just stop by the Alumni House and we can look through your book and count up your completed traditions.

The UNI Traditions Challenge 2013

3rd Edition Traditions Challenge
book pdf

2nd Edition Traditions Challenge book

2nd Edition Traditions Challenge
book pdf

1st Edition Traditions Challenge book

1st Edition Traditions Challenge
book pdf

December 2010

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